About the College

About the College

Aarhus Social and Healthcare College develops innovative pedagogic, didactic and media initiatives continuously. Teaching and learning in diversity and change.

The Social and Health Care College in Aarhus has existed for more than 20 years and is one of the largest of its kind in Denmark. There are more than 25 Social and Health Care Colleges in Denmark.

The college provides the students with a formal education within the social and health care sector and thus offers a short but efficient way to the labor market for a diversity of young people, adults and immigrants.

In Scandinavia, and especially in Denmark, we have a long tradition for integrating the social dimension in health care. This means that the social and health services are not simply addressing the citizens’ problems as medical problems, but also as social problems. Thus the object of the social and health care services is the citizen and the citizen’s social situation, not for example the physical symptom of the citizen.

This tradition defines the basic educational and pedagogical challenge of the social and health care educations: we must train the professional and personal competencies of the staff in such a way, that they are able to approach, understand and support the client as a person, and as a person in a social and cultural environment.

The demand for this basic understanding of the citizen and the citizen’s problems necessarily leads to a number of pedagogical challenges for our teachers and for our educational environment.

The diversity of our students challenge our teachers to develop different and efficient pedagogical tools and approaches.