MultiCult in Care project

MultiCult in Care


The European countries are getting more and more multicultural and the aim of this project is to strengthen the employees in the eldercare sector managing value systems based on different cultural background both in their inter collegial communication and teamwork but also to strengthen the communication skills of the nursing staff communicating with their clients.

In the care sector these three challenges are observed for the coming decades:

1. More employees with different cultural background

2. Elderly in need of professional care will have a huge diversity of cultural backgrounds

3. The existing teaching methods are not efficient, when taking future demands into account

The trend is that in recent years, there has been a lack of trained manpower in the field, and in spite of the economic crisis prevailing in Europe, there will continue to be shortage of care workers. One way of handling this shortage has been educating more nursing staff with other ethnic background.

It is especially important to understand cultural differences when working with care, both in the relationship between colleagues and in relation to the clients. This because of the very nature of the nursing and care task, where nursing staff gets very close to the people in need of care by breaking down their personal barriers and entering the clients intimate sphere.