The Ask project


The Ask project

Ask Dad and/or Mum Parents as Key Facilitators: an Inclusive Approach to Sexual and Relationship Education on the Home Environment

Family learning is the learning between different generations that happens inside families. The term refers to the sharing of information, thoughts, feelings and experiences between parents and children. Much family learning goes on informally, however organized and planned activities can be of great help, especially on topics on which parents don’t feel confident or lack adequate knowledge.

The main result of the project will be a Tool Kit. Developed with direct involvement of target groups and will be structured in 6 sections:

  1. Short introduction on definition, goals and strategies for sex education; short account of the project; use of the Tool Kit
  2. General Guidelines for children’s sex education
  3. Guidelines for parents carrying out sex education with their children
  4. Practical tools for sex education (assessment and self-assessment sheets, description of exercises parents can  carry out with their children, tips on improving and opening communication between parents and children,  tools for planning the career guidance activities and monitoring results .
  5. Parents Informative Self Help Resource: this section contains basic knowledge on sexuality to transmit  to children 10 to 14 and lists the main resources available at national level for further deepening.
  6. How to use the Toolkit as a stand-alone resource.

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